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VAR Football Systems presents a cutting-edge virtual reality solution tailored to meet all your VR needs. Designed over the past decade by A. J. Smith, Hal Mumme, and June Jones, renowned innovators in the field of football coaching, the VAR System reflects the same innovation and passion that drives these coaches on the field. The VAR stands as one of today’s quintessential tools for the modern quarterback.

Virtual Reality Video

360 Virtual Reality Video in 4k resolution. Train any position, any time, any where. Virtual Reality training will allow your players to take an infinity amount of metals reps instead of only being able to take the reps they get at practice. This solutions put you right back on the field from the exact players perspective. VAR 360 Video features integrated data from all video solutions (HUDL, XOS, DVSport) which will automatically match the coded data into our system for sorting and viewing.

Breakdown of the VAR System operation from field to headset.

Air Raid Reality

VAR Systems is an official partner of the Air Raid Certification. When purchasing a VAR System, clients receive the “Air Raid Reality” package featuring college & pro level 360 video Air Raid film from around the nation with teaching materials created by Hal Mumme & A. J. Smith.


“Your whole coaching career your film has been teaching material. With the VAR Virtual Reality System, your film is now TRAINING players giving them mental reps without the need of 22 other players.”

Hal Mumme

Air Raid Godfather

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